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This page answers commonly asked questions about QR Code Generator.

Why am I seeing the error ‘TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘id’) when setting up the Airtable automation script?

This error normally means you haven’t setup an input variable for the recordId. The video at shows how the input variable can be specified.

Note: The variable name is case sensitive and must be recordId.

What Airtable field types are supported for generating QR codes?

Supported field types include:

  • Single line text

  • Rich text

  • Multi-line text

  • Formula

  • Date

  • Phone number

  • Email

  • URL

  • Number

  • Auto number

How do I setup the Airtable automation script to generate QR codes automatically?

Our "Getting Started" guide will walk you through the process of setting up our Airtable automation script.

Can I generate QR codes for an inventory management system?

Yes, this video walks you through the process of generating a QR code that can be used to update items in your inventory database on Airtable.

Below is the formula needed for the 'Edit URL field' as demonstrated in the video above.

// Formula to paste into the 'Edit URL field' as instructed in the video’ & RECORD_ID() & ‘?blocks=bipjXvYUdGWV3jETC’
How do I cancel my subscription?

Follow these instructions to cancel your subscription, anytime.

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